Emma Clark
Islamic Garden Design

Current Design Projects

Private gardens, Medina, Saudi Arabia: Designing and overseeing the construction of two Islamic gardens side-by-side, with many fountains, rills, date-palms and shade-giving trees.  On this large and exciting project Emma has been working in India with expert stone-carver, Dominic Taylor. Together, they designed Mughal-inspired jali screens, geometric-patterned paving, fountains and a chador (carved marble slab for a water-fall), all beautifully executed by Indian craftsmen in buff-coloured dolpur stone. 2009 – (View project gallery)

The British Muslim Heritage Centre, Manchester, 2011-
Designing several acres of land surrounding a magnificent early Victorian gothic style stone and brick building, including 4-fold Islamic gardens, both open and enclosed and a 3-sided courtyard garden – with fountains, pools and rills

The New Cambridge Mosque, Mill Road, Cambridge, 2011-
Designed Community Garden and Islamic Garden for Mosque
http://www.cambridgemosqueismoving.org.uk/ – follow the links to landscape design proposal

The Greensville Trust Nursery, Liverpool, 2011-
Designing a children’s play area as well as a small café courtyard garden for this Muslim children’s Nursery.

The Royal Botanic Gardens, Jordan, 2012-
Designing the Islamic Gardens component of this large and prestigious project north of Amman. The gardens will comprise the following areas: Andalusian, Ottoman, Mughal and Persian around a central void of grass and a fountain.