Emma Clark
Islamic Garden Design


UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2012: The week-end was a great success and we are planning another in the Spring of 2014 on Medieval Gardens. Watch this space!

A week-end residential introductory course on the universal philosophy and geometry underlying the sacred gardens of the world and how they might be interpreted when designing gardens today.  The Course included illustrated talks on the underlying principles behind sacred gardens, practical geometry classes, and inspiring walks in the surrounding woods and lake looking at Nature’s profound spiritual symbolism.

The Course was led by Emma Clark, specialist in Islamic gardens and their spiritual symbolism, with Adam Hunt (landscaper and garden designer specialising in holistic, sustainable gardens (www.petherickurquhartandhart.com) and Tom Bree (Geometer, artist, teacher and writer).

It took place at the beautiful Mill Retreat Centre, Normandy (2.5 hours drive from London, www.millretreatcentre.com), Friday evening, September 7th – Monday morning, September 10th.

Cost: £500 included full board and lodging for 3 nights beginning with a welcoming tea on Friday Sep 7th .

All fresh, organic produce prepared by excellent cooks daily in The Mill’s kitchen.

For more information, and booking, please contact me